My Profile

As of 2019, I gained 12 years of experience in IT. Last four years, I am keen on data analysis and system integration.

Key deliveries:

    • 2015: analytical DWH for a new digital bank
    • 2018: the culture of data-driven decision making
Full list: /portfolio

I am seeking for boosting up your business capabilities with my technical skills:

    • cloud and on-prem data architectures
    • BI analytics and dashboard design
    • integration flows between ERP, CRM and (micro-)service environment
    • workshops for end-users, interviews, team leading, coaching
Igor Makarov - Recommendations

Relocation to Austria

I am a Russian national who is willing to relocate to Vienna.

My RWR-Karte points are 70, which is enough to get the work permit.

Currently, I work for a Cyprus company with a local work permit (not eligible to work in Austria).

All the required documents for RWR-Karte are translated and adequately certified for visa application in the Austrian embassy.